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Our goals:

  • spread Spiritism;
  • clarify and console, according to the Doctrine of the Spirits.

The purpose is to learn from the other and from the other.

Develop dialogue with an emphasis on the more constructive conversation the better to instigate positive reflection mediated by social media. ...

Our Medias

These are the media that we offer you for the dissemination of Spiritism, clarification and comfort.

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Federação Espírita Brasileira   Federação Espírita do Rio Grande do Sul   Federação Espírita de Rondônia   Federação Espírita dos EUA

TV channels

Espiritismo TV   Mansão do Caminho   TV A Caminho da Luz


Webradio Fraternidade   Rádio Nova Vida   Kardec Radio   Rádio Portal da Luz  

Digital Magazines, Publishers and Bookstores

Correio News   Spiritist Magazine   Editora O Clarim   Vade Mecum Espírita  


Associação Médico Espírita - Brasil  

Books by Allan Kardec

Click on the book cover to access and download Allan Kardec's work. All works are available for download on the website of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation.

Spiritist Films

See the list of Spiritist movies to enjoy with the family.

  • E a vida continua...
  • Causa e efeito
  • Portal dos sonhos
  • Deixe-me viver
  • As mães de Chico Xavier
  • Nosso lar
  • Nosso lar 2 (in production)
  • Kardec
  • Chico Xavier
  • Divaldo - O mensageiro da paz

Important dates

Follow the main dates for International and Brazilian Spiritism in the table below.


Important dates of Spiritism in January


Important dates of Spiritism in February


Important dates of Spiritism in March


Important dates of Spiritism in April


Important dates of Spiritism in May


Important dates of Spiritism in June


Important dates of Spiritism in July


Important dates of Spiritism in August


Important dates of Spiritism in September


Important dates of Spiritism in October


Important dates of Spiritism in November


Important dates of Spiritism in December

Charitable Actions

These are causes with serious and fraternal work for the benefit of the community.
Do you have any suggestions for charity? Share it. send to our e-Mail.

Call to Actions

Do you know or want to promote social projects? Or some activity that we can help? Get in touch with the Bússola Espírita. "Without charity there is no salvation."


Read the testimonies of our brothers and sisters in the field of Jesus about the Portal Bússola Espírita.

Putting into action a proposal for the dissemination of Spiritism and charity towards all of us is a project that has been on my mind since I rediscovered the Doctrine of Spirits in the 90's. As a journalist, communication (between Spirits) is part of my daily life. I found other minds that share the same goal and the Portal Bússola Espírita is being born. It's an unpretentious project, given so many wonderful Spiritist actions on the Internet, but it's something in me of extreme truth and happiness. Based on Jesus and inspired by the message of Angel Aguarod, who warns about the Spirit in the technological age and invites us to irrigate the communication channels with the sap of fraternity, here we are. Be welcome.

Marcelo Miranda

Creator and Contributor of the Portal Bússola Espírita


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